Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tie Up Loose Ends

Now that the weather is colder and the leaves are almost off the trees (Ha!), it is time to tidy up loose ends and snuggle in for the indoor activities. At Heirlooms & Comforts we are doing that in several ways. The racks are being rearranged and the quilts are being changed and the class schedule is being polished to offer you some bright alternatives for a winter of fun with friends learning new patterns and techniques. Preparation time is in full swing. Tomorrow we go to Quilter's Rescue Mission Retreat in Taccoa - always a sign of the holiday season approaching. The shop will look funny with all we take away for four days, but it will look really good the next week when we have finished our "neaten-up" process. There's no way to know what kind of fun the ladies who are left behind to run the store might create while I'm out for four days. Check in to see.

H&C Feature of the Week: Clean Loose Ends
At Heirlooms & Comforts this week we will feature the Loose Ends:
  1. Holiday fabrics remain at 40% off. There are still several groups that have some of almost all the included prints remaining. You can stock up for wonderful holiday sewing.
  2. Several free-with-the-purchase-of-the-fabric patterns are remaining. Get your free copy of the pattern when you buy the fabric to make the project. Ask for specifics when you are in the shop.
  3. Miscellaneous items.
Pajama Pants

Special Days Ahead
At Heirlooms & Comforts on Monday thru Thursday after Thanksgiving from 10:00 to 1:00 we have set aside time to have instruction for holiday preparation. Registration fee: $10/day.

Monday, Nov 29: Pajama Party.
Buy your fabrics here and we will provide you with the pattern to make flannel (or not flannel) pants for anyone or everyone in the family. Susan Wainscott will lead you through learning how to quickly construct these wonderful "fashion fun" lounging/pajama pants.

Tuesday, Nov.30: Embroidered Tea Towels.
How can an ordinary tea towel become a great hostess gift or fun addition to your own kitchen? Sign up for this class and Cheryl Keith will teach you to make dazzling, darling, and decorative tea towels. We have quite a few beautiful towels for you to choose from at a great price point. Bring your embroidery machine and your collection of embroidery thread to make these under Cheryl's watchful eye for perfect results. If you don't have an embroidery machine, talk to us!

Holiday Tea Towels
Wednesday, Dec. 1: Monogramming for Christmas. Learn the finer points of monogramming for that special Christmas gift. Cheryl will also spend some time reviewing the Monogram Wizard software that allows you to create unique monograms and borders. The software can handle multiple formats.

Thursday, Dec. 2: Hot Dog Pillowcases. Everybody loves something special just for them-especially kids. These pillowcases make wonderful gifts and are easy to make. The pattern is free when you purchase your fabric here and you can use our sergers to construct the pillowcases allowing you saved time to monogram or embroider the gift. Bring your machine and sewing supplies. To make it faster for you, we will have sergers set up for use.

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