Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pre-Thanksgiving Specials

A great deal of our Pre-Thanksgiving specials are the prayers of thanksgiving that life is so good and precious. Look around you and see all that is good - life, health, family, friends, memories and recollections, and the means to achieve the level of comfort we all wish for. Participating in a weekend of 50th high school class reunion has made all of this even more poignant for me. I look around at all my classmates who have survived the events that life hands us and have come through in flying colors to the age of ease and retirement. Very few of our 110+ numbers have passed to their reward as the count goes and very few of us are uncomfortable in our mature years when life slows to a snail's pace in comparison to the years of active work and production. To what do we attribute that much "success"? Is it the parenting that we received as youngsters, or the mentoring that was offered to us by those great (most of the time) teachers who stood before us in the classroom? Is it the genetics (ha!) or the environment (ha!) in which we grew up? Is it the inbred and/or learned determination to achieve? Who knows!! Therefore, for all that is good and comfortable in my life I give thanks and credit to the Divine, the genetic pool, and the wisdom of those who had the responsibility for raising me. And don't forget that I have a spouse who is perfect for me. My additional prayer is that I can somehow impart to those with whom I spend my time a large portion of what has been my good fortune for having achievement, great relationships, good health, great friends, and fantastic family. Today, tell someone close to you how important they are and that you are thankful for them.

H&C Feature of the Week: Three Days of Special Prices
At Heirlooms & Comforts this week our feature is Three Days of Special Prices:
  • Husqvarna Viking machines:
    • Sapphires from 32% to 36% off
    • Emeralds from 27% to 38% off
    • Designer Diamond, Ruby, & Topaz 30 - Sale prices on all three plus 36 Months to 48 Months no interest financing (qualifications apply).
  • Sale Fabrics all $4 per yard (Minimum cut: 1 yard)
  • Selected Children's patterns 75% off 
  • All Heirloom laces and trims 75% off
  • Selected Machine Accessories 75% off

  • Selected Books $1 each

Holiday Hours
  • Close at 2:00 PM, Wednesday, November 24
  • Closed Thanksgiving Day, Friday and Saturday
  • Re-open Monday November 29
  • Close at 2:00 PM, Christmas Eve
  • Re-open Monday, December 27
  • Close at 2:00 PM, New Year's Eve
  • Re-open Monday, January 3, 2011

Family time in very important to those of us at Heirlooms and Comforts and we feel that this schedule provides time for our associates to have good visits with their respective families without interruption. Our hope is for your happy hours and days of fun and fellowship with family and friends who are important to you.

Mark Your Calendar
Look at the list of special classes on the four days just after Thanksgiving when we are offering a different class each day for enhanced gift-making ideas. Sue, Cheryl and other members of our staff are going to guide you thru construction of wonderful special production projects that allow you to give that "made-just-for-you" gift. Go to this link to view the list; then call or come in to complete your registration because the class size will be limited to our space.

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