Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vacation for the Nation

You may know that in the South of the United States the textiles industry was "alive and well" for a great part of the 20th Century. Then there was the recession and the transfer of operations to off shore facilities that combined with many other factors and took the industry out of the economic picture in the south. Having been a part of that workforce, Bobby and I experienced a lot of tradition and felt the loss of the industry poignantly when it declined. One of the traditions of the textile industry in the south was that the mills shut down during the week of July 4th. Everyone who worked in a mill got a vacation paycheck. Well, that was a bonus for those hourly wage earners. They went to the beach or to the mountains and visited all the "sights" in the area. If they opted to not travel with family and/or friends, they took that "free money" and spent it on new appliances or cars or recreation equipment - something "bonus" in their lives. They worked hard and they planned each year for the "week of the 4th." Maintenance employees were the only ones who worked that week and they were servicing the machinery that had to be silent while they worked on it. One year in particular (1973) Bobby opted to help the crew work that week because he and I decided that he would be more needed in August when baby #3 was to be born. Guess what. Baby #3 didn't wait until August. He was born July 9, during the week after the 4th that year. Now Baby #3 and his beautiful wife have three babies of their own. Grandma and Grandpa are doing the "week of the 4th" idea and shutting down the operation for a few days at Heirlooms and Comforts to go on the road to visit our families west of the Mississippi.

Enjoy your family and friends during this time of celebration of our nation's Independence. Wave a flag! Have a picnic. Exercise caution in playing. Be safe. Show your patriotism. Celebrate soundly (firecrackers and all). Take in a fireworks show wherever you can find one. Celebrate Freedom!

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H&C Feature of the Week: Clean Off the Bolt
At Heirlooms & Comforts this week we will feature Clean Off the Bolt all four days. You probably remember the drill: take all that is remaining on a bolt of fabric for 25% off the regular price fabrics or another 10% off a sale price fabric. HERE'S THE DEAL THIS WEEK - Take 35% off regular price fabrics and another 20% off sale price fabrics. For these four days June 27-June 30 you can enjoy this special "Remember Textiles Week".

July 4th Closing
At Heirlooms & Comforts we will close from July 1 through July 4 for Independence Day vacation. We will reopen on July 5 at 10am and be ready for the beginning of Carolina Shop Hop on July 8.

Carolina Shop Hop 2011 begins Friday, July 8 and continues until Saturday, July 16. Go to the web site to get your passport print out and see all the details of the rules of the shop hop and how to win $1300 worth of Gift Certificates. Join us for the fun!

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