Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bargain Hunters Listen Up

There are two tables placed in Heirlooms & Comforts that hold reduced price items: one is general merchandise and the other is sewing machine related. Starting on Monday October 25 these items will be at 75% off the original price. There are children's patterns from designers of fine clothing for kids, French laces and Swiss embroideries, pre-made quilt binding by the yard in various colors, books, patterns, remnants, tote bags for Sew Steady tables, wools, and other "stuff" on the one table. The second table holds hooping aids, accessory kits for H-V machines, miscellaneous generic feet, handbooks and notebooks for specific sewing operations, a few closeout embroidery packs, etc. Bargains, ladies, bargains!

H&C Feature of the Week: Hot Flashes BOM Class Kit
Sign up and complete your registration this week for Hot Flashes Block of the Month class and get an extra 10% off the kit price - that would be 20% off the kit for the class. Kathy has completed the blocks for the class sample and found that only one or two will present a challenge for construction and that is with the process of keeping up with where you are in the assembly procedure. You know Kathy; she has a solution to offer you for that. No instruction in the world of quilting is more thorough than what Kathy offers you. The class is a true value for the students. Come by to look at the samples and be dazzled by the stunning blocks from Hot Flashes! Class starts November 2 and is scheduled for 5 PM to accommodate working people. Look at the schedule on our web site. When the class is assembled, adjustments can be made if we need to.

Machine Bargain
Really!! We have at Heirlooms & Comforts one Husqvarna Viking Platinum 950-E Sewing and Embroidery machine to sell at the closeout price of $899. That's a $2899 original price machine for a $2000 savings. $899! $899! I can hardly believe that - it's a no-brainer, folks. What a terrific second machine or beginner machine or just-to-have machine. (For those who might be concerned, Bobby is normal; I checked to see.) One only to go at this price. It is a full warranty machine that has been sitting on display for a while and was only demonstrated a few times before that.

Sapphire Deal To End This Week
The terrific $800 saving on the Sapphire 875Q will end at the end of this week. We need your commitment now for this great machine in order to save you this amount of money. This machine has the great extended sewing surface with auto tension and Exclusive Selective Sensor System. Love to quilt? You'll love the Sapphire 875Quilt and you'll love the great price.

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