Sunday, September 19, 2010

Creative Inspiration

How great it is to see the cooperative efforts of like-minded persons who produce such a nice event as the Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild 2010 Festival of Quilts over this weekend. You have done marvelous art and craft that is so well received by those who view your work. To see several organizations in the world of art cooperate along with the retail establishments of the community to showcase the talent of the area is to have a renewed faith in the ability of persons to be co-workers in the world. Congratulations!

We have a list of ribbon winners on our web site. Click on this link to check it out. We are extremely happy to see the number of patrons of and instructors at Heirlooms & Comforts who grace this list. That gives us great pride in knowing and serving those talented individuals.

H&C Feature of the Week: Orange Batiks
At Heirlooms & Comforts this week we will feature Orange Batiks at 20% off original price with a half-yard minimum cut. There is an entire section of these fabrics that are "citrilicious" - how about that new word. They really are "orange crush" beautiful and can spark a palette of color in a flash. You'll feel like you've had your RDA of Vitamin C pretty quickly when you choose several of these pretty batiks.

Redwork class is scheduled for Wednesday, September 23 from 10 to noon. This is the take along project that you need to have to keep your sanity while waiting -you know, as in doctors' offices, while hubby is in the hardware store, in an airport, for your turn at the hair dresser's place, etc. Barbara is sooooo...good at this and is happy to share her experience with you. Call Monday to be sure to not miss this opportunity.

Also, Woodland Holiday Table Runner is coming soon. You get a free pattern for this class when you purchase our Christmas fabrics to make the runner. The class is Monday, October 4 and 18 from 10 to 1. Let us help you choose these fabrics.

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